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UsbFix 8.248 (Updated 2022)




UsbFix also have a "virus database" to keep it up to date. It is a small and easy to use tool. UsbFix is actually a set of tools, because this kind of programs tries to be as user friendly as possible. When you first open the program, you will be asked if you want to add your own definition file, or add a new file to the file-list, if you do not wish to do any of these actions you must simply press "ok" without doing anything. The UsbFix program will then start scanning your pen drive. UsbFix will not stop on the first file it finds, but rather it will go on and on until it finds the complete list of files that are contained in the pen-drive. The scanning is done very quickly, so it shouldn't take much longer than 5-7 minutes. In case you want to stop the scanning, simply press the "cancel" button and the program will stop immediately. Please note that it will not delete the files that are already in the pen-drive, it only add a definition to prevent the pen-drive from containing any new ones. The definition is just a text file. If you wish to install the definition, simply click on the "install" button and a text file will be opened that you can save on your desktop. Save it as "USBFix.txt" (the file you wish to be installed) and then run the program again. Please note that the definition can be installed and uninstalled at will, and also that if you wish to delete the definition you will simply have to unistall the program. Since this is not a full antivirus program, it is not very good for Windows XP. You can use this program to scan your USB drives for a small period of time, but it will not get rid of the viruses that are found on the pen-drive. If you wish to get a "full antivirus" for your pen-drive, you can use: F-Secure Anti-Virus 2005. This program is not free, but for those that do not want to waste money, I can recommend it. Thanx for your tip, I was searching for something like that for the last few days and I read here your post. I'm sorry, but I can't "




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UsbFix 8.248 (Updated 2022)

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